Nobi featured on popular podcast LTC Heroes

Nobi is an AI-powered, smart lamp that is transforming elder care by both preventing and detecting falls which are the most significant cause of fatal injuries in older adults. Think of it as a “guardian angel” hanging in the middle of a room, offering safety while meeting the highest design standards as well as privacy requirements. The Nobi lamp takes the pressure off under-resourced caregivers in residential settings while bringing peace of mind to families whose loved ones are living in their own homes.

The Nobi smart lamp is turning heads and earning recognition from media outlets. LTC Heroes, the most popular podcast about long-term care, recently asked to speak with Roeland Pelgrims, Nobi’s Co-founder and CEO, about how Nobi and Nobita lighting are improving the experiences of seniors in elderly homes and assisted living facilities.

​“Technically, Nobi is a smart lamp, but it acts more like Superman 99% of the time," Pelgrims told Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis. “It is equipped with AI technology to support the elderly and their caregivers to live comfortably and safely. It can be completely integrated into day-to-day life. And only when seniors need it for care will it transform itself into a care device.”

Roeland Pelgrims • co-founder and CEO of Nobi

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Lewis was impressed by the accuracy with which the lamp operates. “In all our European installations, we are very proud to have 0% false negatives,” Pelgrims told him. “There is not a single fall that occurred in our installations that was not picked up. Extreme reliability is the key to our solutions.”

Pelgrims also revealed to Lewis that the goal for the Nobi smart lamp is to become an everyday household item for seniors. “They will be beautiful to look at and completely integrated into day-to-day life, such that they never look or feel like a care device,” he said. “The hope is for them to be indistinguishable from the other 200 or so lamps one finds at IKEA.” Needless to say, with the Nobi lamp, the future is brighter than ever for the elderly and their caregivers.