Nobi brings older people closer to technology with ingenious product design

Integrating innovative and user-friendly AgeTech with a stunning and discreet design, Nobi successfully bridges the gap between technological health solutions and our older population.

Fall incidents are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older people. Out of every three people over age 65, one falls at least once a year. Most fall detection systems aren’t used in 80% of cases, mainly due to the stigma around them, which is precisely what Nobi aims to change. Older people not only need a solution that works properly, but also one they will effectively want to use.

Empathic product design: the missing link in the AgeTech sector

In 2023, Nobi is releasing a new version of its smart lamp for fall detection and prevention. What stands out about this new model is that aside from multiple solid technological innovations, the design has also evolved. Simplicity is crucial for better digital adoption among older people. That’s why Nobi pays significant attention to user-friendly design.

“We believe design is the key to a big breakthrough in the AgeTech sector. Most solutions for older people are merely functional. They’re often sterile, not very aesthetic, nor user-friendly. If this sector wants to fulfil its potential, we need products people will actually want to have in their homes. Hoping older people will adapt to new technologies is pointless. It’s up to designers to adapt to our target audience instead, which is made possible with empathic product design.”

 Roeland Pelgrims, Co-founder and CEO

Innovative technology with a stylish appearance

Nobi’s new lamp, launched on the eve of Medica, the world’s biggest fair for medical technology, is developed in collaboration with its target audience. The smart Nobi lamp uses improved sensors and cameras. Still, the main factor that stands out is its elegant and timeless design.

“Everything we do revolves around empathy. Becoming of older age is, for many people, particularly emotional. If at the same time, countless devices such as blood pressure monitors and smartphones invade your life, it can be overwhelming, especially for a generation that is less comfortable using technology. That’s why the Nobi lamp had to become a natural part of the environment for residents who use the lamp. The complex technologies behind the lamp are unnoticeable in the residential care facility or at home.”

Matías Papalini, Co-founder and Product Designer at “WatIf”

A design with international appreciation

The empathic design concept of the Nobi lamp arouses interest worldwide. At the beginning of 2023, it received a prestigious iF Design Award on top of 8 MUSE Design Awards for its exceptional product development. The stylish Nobi lamps are currently successfully utilised in residential care facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. Additionally, they are distributed in the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Hungary, New Zealand, and Australia.

Due to great interest in its lamps, Nobi continuously seeks distributors and resellers keen to help bridge the gap between technology and our older population. Are you interested in working with Nobi or contributing toward the happiness and safety of elderly people?  Please get in contact with us.


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