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Why this cookie policy?

1.1. Our website (hereinafter: the “Website”) can use certain cookies, identifiers or other technologies (“cookies”). We (NOBI – please find our company details below) are responsible for the use of these cookies and the processing of your data via or in connection with cookies.

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  • Legal form: NV
  • Company name: NOBI
  • Registered office: Generaal Lemanstraat 47, box 5, 2018 Antwerp
  • Company Registration Number (CBE): 0849.279.441

1.2 This cookie policy informs you about the use and purposes of the cookies on our Website. This policy is made available to you digitally via the Website. You can consult it at any time under the heading ‘Cookie Policy’.

1.3. This cookie policy does not apply to any other third party websites or applications for which the Website may contain hyperlinks or references. You are advised to consult the privacy and cookie policies applicable to these other websites. We are not responsible for the policies and terms of these third party websites or applications.

1.4. We may change this cookie policy at any time. Changes will be announced on the Website. The English text of this cookie policy will always prevail over any translations thereof.

1.5. This cookie policy is governed by Belgian law. Only the courts of Antwerp (division(s) of Antwerp) have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.

2. What are cookies and what is their purpose?

2.1. Cookies are small electronic text files that are stored on the user’s device by a specific server via the user’s browser. Cookie files typically contain unique codes (name of the server that placed the cookie, expiration data and a unique numeric code) that allow your browser or device to recognise you during your use of the Website (session cookies), or in case of repeated visits (permanent cookies) and thus improve your user experience on the Website. Cookies facilitate the interaction between the user and the Website. They are used to enhance the user experience and for the collection of statistics related to users. Cookies also allow to store your personal settings and preferences related to whether images and sound can be played. Certain cookies may be installed by a third party to measure the use of the Website (see section 5 below).

2.2. Cookies can help us to improve and personalise your experience on our Website, to ensure that it performs as well as you expect and in order to make your use pleasant and attractive. For example, we can improve your experience when using our Website by tracking your use so that it can be improved to meet your needs. We can also make sure that the ads you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

2.3. There are different categories of cookies.



Strictly necessary or technical cookies

Cookies that are essential to the operation of the Website and that enable you to use certain parts of them. These cookies allow you to navigate between different parts of the Website, to enter data, etc. If you disable these cookies, certain parts of the Website will not work, or will not work properly.

Analytical or statistical cookies

These cookies make it possible to recognise and count visitors or users of the Website and to identify the manner in which they navigate and/or use the Website. This improves user navigation and makes it easier and quicker for users to find what they need. Statistical analyses are made of the information received in this way. These statistical results make it possible to improve the structure, navigation and content of the Website and related services. This data is also used to report in a general way on services or in the context of studies. No personal data is passed on in this process. The consent of each visitor is required for the storage of these cookies.

Performance cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors / users use the Website. These cookies help to understand how users interact with the Website, and why certain error messages appear. They make it possible to test new functions of the Website. This information is used to improve the user experience.

Functional cookies/preference cookies

Cookies that facilitate the functioning of the Website, make it more pleasant for the visitor / user and ensure that the user gets a more personalised user experience. For example cookies that remember your language preferences etc. These cookies are technically necessary for the proper functioning and security of the Website.

Tracking or marketing cookies

These cookies are aimed at collecting statistics about visitors / users and sending personalised commercial messages, advertisements and promotions (direct marketing).

Social media cookies
These cookies make it possible to include buttons from social networking sites. The buttons work via a code originating from these sites. A handy tool to promote web pages through ‘liking’ and ‘pinning’.

3. Cookie banner – informed consent

3.1. On your first visit or use, information relating to the use of cookies (with a hyperlink to this policy) will appear in a cookie banner.

3.2. Your consent is not required for necessary / technical and functional cookies. Consent, to be granted via the banner, is required for non-functional or non-essential cookies, such as analytical/statistical cookies, tracking/marketing cookies and social media cookies. Your consent shall be obtained before the cookies are stored. If your consent is not granted, no cookies can be stored. Your consent shall be informed (by providing the information to you in this cookie policy). Your consent shall be explicit and active by checking the boxes in the cookie banner. Your consent shall be specific and thus obtained per cookie or cookie category.

3.3. If you granted consent to use certain non-functional or non-essential cookies, you can change this setting at any time and withdraw your consent. Previously stored cookies will be deleted. You can do this via [link to instructions]. You can withdraw your consent for our cookies at any time, even if you previously gave your consent. Please note that if you do not consent to some of our cookies, the user experience on the Website may be adversely affected.

4. Browser settings

4.1. You can change your preferences at any time via your browser by following the instructions on the links below, depending on your browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, iOS.

4.2. The use of cookies can be disabled. Your browser allows you to delete cookies automatically or manually and to indicate whether certain cookies may be stored or not. You can also configure your browser so that you receive a message when a cookie is stored.

If you disable cookies, however, it is possible that the Website will no longer function correctly or that certain (graphic) elements or features will not function (properly).

5. First and third-party cookies

5.1. Our Website can use cookies of NOBI (first-party cookies), which are stored on your device by our Website. Our Website can also use cookies stored by third parties whose services are (or may be) used on the Website (third-party cookies). Third-party cookies are stored by domains that differ from our Website’s domain. This is also indicated in Annex I.

5.2. First-party cookies do not entail a transfer of personal data to third parties but can use a third-party processor, e.g., for the compilation of statistics. Your consent is also required for the storage of first-party analytical cookies.

5.3. Third-party cookies allow the transmission of personal data to third parties either directly (e.g., by an active component linked to a banner or a spy pixel) or indirectly by storing cookies that are accessible to websites other than those of the advertiser.

5.4. For example, we use Google Analytics to collect information about how you use our Website. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the Website.
Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit;
  • the amount of time you spend on each page; 
  • how you arrived at the site;
  • what you click on while visiting the site.

These securely stored cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. All information collected by these cookies is completely anonymous. We only use such information to improve our Website. If you do not want Google Analytics to track all websites, please go to: .

6. The cookies on our Website

6.1. The table in Annex I provides an overview of the cookies we use on our Website, why we use them and where they come from. We also indicate whether a cookie is a ‘permanent’ or ‘session’ cookie. The difference is that:

  • Permanent cookies remain on your device between browser sessions. They are activated each time you visit or use the Website that created that particular cookie. For example, if a permanent cookie is used on the Website to remember your preferred language, you will not have to choose that language each time you visit or use the website;
  • Session cookies allow us to link a user’s actions during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open the browser window and ends when you close the browser
    window. Session cookies are created temporarily. After you close your browser, all session cookies are deleted.

6.2. The table in Annex I lists the cookies used on our Website.

7. Social media plug-ins

7.1. We use social media plug-ins on the Website. We also use ‘Pixel’ type Facebook cookies. Social media plug-ins allow you to track our accounts on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from our Website. Social media plug-ins allow us to recognise you based on your profile on the relevant social networks and to display personalised ads for our products or services on these social networks. If you do not wish to connect to your social networks, please unsubscribe before using our Website and refuse/delete cookies from social networks.

7.2. We have no influence on the nature and extent of the data that social networks may collect. Only the social network websites or providers determine which data is collected via the social media plug-ins, the purposes for which they are used, and how long they are kept. More information about the processing of data via the social media plug-ins of the social networks, you can find in the privacy policies of those social networks (Facebook:; LinkedIn:; Twitter:; LinkedIn:; Twitter:

Any questions? Feel free to contact us:

Cookie name


1st / 3rd party

Cookie Category

Properties / Description


​3 months

First Party


Authenticate users, protect user data and allow the website to deliver the services users expects, such as maintaining the content of their cart, or allowing file uploads. The website will not work properly if you reject or discard those cookies.



First Party


Remember information about the preferred look or behavior of the website, such as your preferred language or region. Your experience may be degraded if you discard those cookies, but the website will still work.



First Party


Setting timezone enables Odoo to display date and time on messages based on the user. 


13 months

First Party


The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.


​24 hours

First Party


Cookies used for analytics help collect data that allows services to understand how users interact with a particular service. These insights allow services both to improve content and to build better features that improve the user’s experience.
_ga1 yearFirst Party


Cookies used for analytics help collect data that allows services to understand how users interact with a particular service. These insights allow services both to improve content and to build better features that improve the user’s experience.
1 yearFirst Party


Cookies used for analytics help collect data that allows services to understand how users interact with a particular service. These insights allow services both to improve content and to build better features that improve the user’s experience.