Florentina (85): Living at home longer thanks to Nobi

Read more about how Florentina and her daughter experience Nobi at home.


To live at home in a dignified and independent way, we can increasingly count on smart, supportive technologies. Nobi Smart Lamps focus on fall detection and prevention for safe and happy living. Following comprehensive tests in residential care facilities worldwide, we launched a pilot project in 2022 in our home country of Belgium. Read more about how Florentina and her daughter experience Nobi at home.

Meet Florentina and Helga

​Florentina is 85 and lives next door to her daughter in a semi-detached home. Since her husband’s passing a couple of years ago, Florentina can only count on her daughter’s help. “My mother always took great care of me when I was younger. Now it’s my turn to take care of her,” says Helga.

Despite her age, Florentina has a very independent lifestyle. “I get up when I want to and do my morning exercises at ease,” she says. “I enjoy taking walks and occasionally drive to places I like to visit by car.”

Although Florentina enjoys life to its fullest, her daughter is slightly restless. “I didn’t worry as much when my father was still around, but now I feel responsible for my mother’s well-being,” Helga explains. “I would feel incredibly guilty if something were to happen to her when I’m not around.”

That’s why Helga became interested in the smart Nobi lamps. “If technology can make a difference, why not use it?” she says. “We chose the Nobi lamp, which has since added significant value to our lives.”

View her testimony here:

The Nobi lamp: a soothing guardian angel

“My mother is someone who still does many things and is capable of doing them. To me, it is important that she can keep doing those things for as long as possible without me having to worry about it. For example, it’s wonderful that the Nobi lamp can also alert caretakers when something happens and I am not available,” Helga says.

Nobi’s smart lamp guards Florentina 24/7 with the help of advanced AI technology. When the lamp registers a fall, it immediately warns family members or caretakers, ensuring everyone that assistance will always be on time. 

Helga continues: “I don’t think Nobi lamps should take over care completely. What matters to me is that I can be alerted as soon as possible and act accordingly to give my mother proper care. The lamp works extremely well for this. Not only for my peace of mind, but also to guarantee my mom’s privacy. Thanks to Nobi, I don’t have to invade her home to check to see if she is doing okay. When something happens, Nobi will let me know.” 

Did you know?

  • One in three people over age 65 falls at least once a year. The number of falling incidents increases with age.
  • 50% of older people who lie on the floor for over an hour pass away within six months after the fall. Quick assistance is vital. 
  • 95% of independently living older people have an alarm button. But did you know that in 80% of the cases, this button isn’t used? Sometimes the button is unavailable, while other times, it remains unused due to a panic reaction or unconsciousness after a fall.
  • The WHO estimates that annual medical costs linked to falls by those over age 65 will account for $240 billion in 2040.

You could call Nobi lamps “guardian angels” that guarantee older people’s safety and, thus, independence. Florentina confirms: “If I can continue to live here with the secure feeling the Nobi lamp gives me, I want to stay here for at least another 10 years.”

Nobi at home. The changemakers at a glance:

  • Nobi rings the alarm with every fall (contrary to other known fall detection systems)
  • Quick assistance after a fall
  • Less fear of falling encourages movement and a more independent lifestyle
  • Ease of mind among residents and family members
  • Living happily at home longer, safer, and more independently.

International expansion

At Nobi, we never stand still. The success of our pilot project in homes like Helga and Florentina’s and the enthusiasm our products receive in Belgian and Dutch residential care facilities motivate us to go above and beyond.

In 2023 and 2024, we aim to offer Nobi to people at home worldwide. We do this hand in hand with a network of locally established distributors and resellers. Do you want to distribute Nobi as a distributor or reseller and help people like Florentina live safer and happier lives at home? 
Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!