Key Takeaways from LeadingAge Annual Meeting 2023

Redefining Aging Services Is Front and Center 

Author: Niels Coch, Head of Nobi USA

Nobi was proud to be part of the LeadingAge Annual Meeting this year, held earlier this month in Chicago. We appreciated the opportunity to share our vision to help redefine what it means to age in America.

A good mix of people working in the Senior Living Industry attended, from C-level decision makers at owner/operator groups to management of communities to care staff, … making for some genuine, interactive, and productive conversations. The Nobi team spent the conference discussing how innovatively designed technology, such as the Nobi Smart Lamps, can help solve the problems these communities are now facing.

LeadingAge 2023 in
a nutshell

If you weren’t able to attend; here are some key takeaways from the event.

  • Rapid Digitization of the Senior-Living Sector 
    It was remarkable how many technology providers exhibited at LeadingAge. More than 50% of the exhibitors were AgeTech providers. It is clear that this sector is increasingly investing in technology. More specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) was the “big thing” everybody was exploring and talking about.

  • Shortage of Care Staff Remains Very Much Top of Mind
    The shortage of care providers was one of the most important challenges everybody was talking about. To say it was a very hot topic would be an understatement. Whether in the E2 EXPO hall when evaluating technology solutions or attending the inspirational talks or educational sessions, attendees most often made the topic part of their conversations.

  • A New Willingness to Adopt AI Technologies
    The beauty of LeadingAge was that we got the opportunity to talk not only to management and decision makers at care communities, but also with care staff (one of our end users). We’ve found that care providers are actively asking—in some instances aching—for new technologies. They are desperate for tools that not only allow them to provide even better care (especially in difficult circumstances), but also support them in jobs that are too overwhelming these days. Those who still think care staff don’t want to adopt new technologies are living in the past.

  • Big belief in Digital, Integrated Ecosystems
    LeadingAge was transformed into one big match-making conference where technology providers were seeking out partnerships with other companies in order to form strategic integrations and/or collaborations. Although very niche providers showcased their technologies as stand-alones during the conference, it was clear that almost every party strongly believed that integrating with each other is the only way to make the digital transition in senior living possible. Technology providers were talking with their peers trying to determine how working together could become a 1 + 1 = 3 win-win scenario for everyone involved. Nobi is one such company that wants to become a digital health hub.

  • Stylish Design Within Technology for Senior Adults Is Still Rare
    Too many technologies look like care technologies: intrusive, stigmatizing and ugly. These are negative attributes that do nothing to incent older people to install and use more technology in their homes. Nobi’s innovative smart lamps embody a mission to empower older adults and their caregivers, not just by offering vital features like fall detection and prevention, but also by enhancing their environment with an award-winning design that brings joy and adds aesthetic value. 

  • Most Technologies Focus on Only One Part of the Spectrum
    Memory care is absolutely the most popular—and an immensely important—target for AgeTech solutions. However, Nobi believes that we should focus on and develop solutions for all phases of senior adults’ lives.   

Attendees who visited the Nobi booth were especially interested in the complete history on how our company came to be, along with our fall-prevention story. Many were keen to learn more about how Nobi’s technology can support care staff as well as its ability to easily integrate with other AgeTech solutions and platforms.

Of course, if we missed you at LeadingAge, then please feel free to reach out to us with specific questions. We’d love to start a dialogue with you on how we can work together to help redefine what it means to age in America. 

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