United Kingdom welcomes AgeTech in 'integrated residential communities 2.0.'

This way, Nobi ensures a longer, happier, and safer life.

Nobi has taken the next step in the United Kingdom. From now on, Nobi smart lamps for fall prevention and detection will also help older people in the distinguished residential community of Burnham Waters. This way, Nobi ensures a longer, happier, and safer life.

Een woongemeenschap waar iedereen live safely and carefree

Burnham Waters is a new sustainable 'integrated elderly community' currently being developed in Burnham-on-Crouch, UK. The community carefully responds to the lifestyle expectations and needs of the elderly. The new construction project is open to the local community, so the residents do not live isolated.

"We are thrilled Nobi will be able to help the residents of Burnham Waters to age safely and happily in this wonderful residential community. Thanks to our solution, the risk of falls remains minimal. Should a fall still occur? Then our Nobi lamp immediately alerts caretakers."

Roeland Pelgrims, CEO and co-founder of Nobi

The smart Nobi lamps use AI to detect fall incidents but, above all, to call for help if there is no quick response. Therefore, caregivers and family members do not have to worry. Nobi is also effective when it comes to preventing a fall. The lamp shines a soft light when the residents sit upright in bed. Are they completely standing up? Then the entire room is illuminated.

Burnham Waters project manager Ian Holloway is delighted with the purchase of Nobi lamps: "It is our job to ensure that our residents can live a happy and carefree life. We succeed thanks to our medical facilities and innovative technology such as the Nobi lamps."

A design that fits into any interior and works discreetly in the background 

The design of the smart Nobi lamp is discreet and aesthetically pleasing, making it suitable for any interior. Ideal for a residential community such as Burnham Waters, where beauty plays a vital role in the daily well-being of older people. The lamp only requires a WiFi connection and a connection to the electricity grid. But the most significant added value is that no action is required in the event of a fall. The lamp works fully automatically.

Did you know?

  • One in three people over the age of 65 falls at least once a year. The number of falls increases with age.

  • 50% of the elderly who remain on the floor for more than 1 hour after a fall dies within six months after. Quick help is crucial.

  • 95% of elderly people living independently have an alarm button. But did you know that it is never used in 80% of cases? The button is sometimes unavailable or simply not used due to panic or unconsciousness after a fall.

  • The WHO estimates that by 2040, medical costs associated with falls for the over-65s worldwide will reach $240 billion per year.

Relieving the burden on British home care

Home care in the UK is facing an acute shortage of staff. Aging is a significant challenge. Older adults also increasingly require specific care. As in other European countries, healthcare in the United Kingdom has been under severe pressure recently.

Still, Ian Holloway remains optimistic: "With the introduction of Nobi, we at Burnham Waters are also helping our healthcare staff. Thanks to the Nobi lamps, repetitive routine tasks are automated, allowing staff to concentrate on their core tasks. Nobi watches over our residents and alerts caretakers immediately if someone falls. That way, everyone has peace of mind."

Nobi lamps reduce the need for repetitive administrative tasks, leaving more time for essential care tasks. For example, it is possible to link Nobi to smart scales and blood pressure monitors to automatically store body functions and other important data. This way, healthcare providers can always intervene promptly.

Nobi at home? The changemakers at a glance:

  • Nobi rings the alarm with every fall (contrary to other known fall detection systems).

  • Quick assistance after a fall.

  • Less fear of falling encourages movement and a more independent lifestyle.

  • Ease of mind among residents and family members.

  • Living happily at home longer, safer, and more independent.

Nobi is expanding internationally, both in care centres and at home

At Nobi, we do not just want to reach care centres. In 2023 and 2024, we want to offer Nobi to people's homes worldwide. We do this hand in hand with a network of locally established distributors and resellers.

As a reseller or distributor, do you want to distribute Nobi and help the elderly to live a safe and happy life at home for an extended amount of time? Then be sure to contact us! Read more about the distribution of our lamps.

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