Hartland House first residential care facility in the UK to welcome Nobi lamps

Hartland House, a residential care facility with 31 rooms in Milnthorpe (Cumbria), is collaborating with Nobi in a pilot project to demonstrate the transformative impact of Nobi lamps in fall detection and prevention. Read on to discover how our smart lamps will make a change in the UK.

A senior community in need of care and protection

An ageing population is a problem many countries encounter. Healthcare is under pressure worldwide, with the UK being no exception. Take the Cumbria region, which has struggled with significant staff shortages for years. There has been a desperate search for solutions to better help the elderly, while it is increasingly challenging to find sufficient healthcare personnel. 

One of the residential care facilities in the region, Hartland House, struggles with a particular problem among older people worldwide: fall incidents. These types of incidents are the leading cause of hospital admissions. Studies show that 25% of fall incidents lead to hospital admission. 50% of older people who remain on the floor for over an hour after a fall incident pass away within six months. Immediate help after a fall incident is a case of life and death, which has not gone unnoticed by Hartland House’s staff.

“One of my largest responsibilities at the moment is actually looking at the prevention of falls in our residence.” Leanne Scroghem, Registered Care Manager, confirms: “Falling is one of the biggest mysteries in the care home that there could possibly be. And we’ve just got no insights as to how and when they happen, or why they happen. It’s constantly guesswork all of the time.”  ​

Rebecca Etherington, Health and Wellbeing Lead at Hartland House

Hartland House is known for its diligent fall data collection and reporting and was therefore selected to be a part of a pilot by the local ICB (NHS Integrated Care Board). The project aims to solve fall incidents and unburden increasingly busy staff. A collaboration with Nobi was selected, as the modern age tech of our smart lamps seemed the perfect solution for fall prevention and detection in the UK. 

Hartland House as innovator in UK’s future healthcare

Thanks to the financial support of the local ICB, Hartland House purchased Nobi lamps for favourable prices for each of their rooms. During the implementation process, Nobi’s smart lamps were seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure of the residential care facility. The Nobi lamps were positioned strategically within the rooms for optimal fall detection, all without detracting from the comfort and privacy of residents. 

I brought Mum here, initially, just for a month’s trial because we lost my dad. Mum started to fall in the last 18 months or two years. Since the Nobi lamp’s been fitted in her room, it’s fantastic because the girls can look at the app on their phone, see that mum is safe, and don’t have to keep running up the stairs all the time. For me, having the Nobi lamp is very reassuring, especially when mum is prone to falling and she is in danger.”

Helen Whiteley, daughter of resident Sylvia

TEC to the rescue: a world of difference for older people and their caregivers

After a few weeks, the results were phenomenal for both residents and caregivers at Hartland House. Leanne Scroghem testifies: “Nobi isn’t just something pleasant to put in that looks good. The clarity around the falls is second to none. We’ve got falls that we would have never known anything about until we had Nobi fitted. Another thing for us is the detail around sleep reporting. You get a very detailed sleep report throughout the night, and an understanding of why their level of confusion is so high the next day.”

“The Nobi lights have given us an extra level of protection and reassurance for our residents. My ultimate goal for Nobi is (to be fitted) throughout the entire care home and every single care home. I think it’s something that should be in every home throughout the country,” says Rebecca Etherington.

Discover the staggering results!

Only 5 months after installation, Nobi’s Smart Lamps have had a big impact on residents and caregivers!

Hidden falls revealed

The Nobi lamp identified 64% of fall incidents that would otherwise have remained under the radar. 

Thanks to Nobi, every fall is reported and care staff can provide immediate assistance.

84% fewer falls

At Hartland House, Nobi provides a remarkable 84% reduction in falls.  The Nobi lamps not only detect all fall incidents (100%). They also provide preventive measures that can significantly contribute to reducing these incidents.

Statistics show that 62% of falls happen at night. To respond to this, when a resident sits upright in bed at night Nobi will shine soft light upwards to gently illuminate the room. Then if the person stands up, to go to the bathroom, for example, the smart lamp will illuminate the entire room.

Further to this, preventative alerts can be set up for frequent fallers to let care staff know when they sit up in bed. This means that carers can reach the resident before they attempt to get out of bed unaided.

More effective than regular nurse call systems

Regular nurse call systems are only effective in 20% of fall incidents. This means that 80% of people who have fallen are unable to call for help. 

Results from Hartland House confirm these findings: 82% of the elderly residents were unable to use the nurse call system. This means that if a resident falls in the night and cannot call for help they could be on the floor until care staff make their scheduled rounds to check on them. This could be anything up to 2 hours.

Intervention up to 28 times faster

Rapid response to a fall can be life-saving. The Nobi lamp detects 100% of falls and alerts care staff immediately. This has led to a huge reduction in the average response time at Hartland House, falling from 57 minutes to under 2 minutes. 

Nobi Facts:

  • 100% effective
    every fall is detected.

  • Quick help
    assistance in a mere 90 seconds after a fall.

  • Prevent falls
    via automatic lighting when coming out of bed at night – thanks to notifications when getting in and out of bed, caretakers can proactively prevent falls.

  • Better sleep quality 
    the effectiveness of Nobi ensures caregivers only have to enter residents’ rooms at night when necessary, improving their sleep quality. Sleep reports help with individual care.
  • Job satisfaction​
    healthcare staff no longer have to play catch-up and gain extra time, allowing them to make a genuine difference. This results in content employees and lower attrition rates.

  • Time-saving​
    connecting with smart devices such as blood pressure monitors and digital patient files help automatically and efficiently administer patient data.

  • Peace of mind for residents, their families, and healthcare staff
    no more stress regarding undetected falls. 

“Nobi’s technology has been a game-changer for us. The system’s ability to detect falls and alert our care staff immediately has significantly reduced response time, ensuring our residents receive prompt assistance when they need it most. The peace of mind it provides to both our staff and the families of our residents is invaluable. Nobi has truly made a difference in enhancing the safety and well-being of our residents.”

Rebecca Etherington, Health and Wellbeing Lead at Hartland House

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Implementing the smart Nobi lamps at Hartland House has led to positive results. With 100% effective fall detection, swift response time and proactive fall prevention measures, Nobi significantly changed the care home’s fall detection and prevention approach. It ensures a renewed sense of safety for residents, peace of mind for families, saves time for employees and provides higher job satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about Nobi’s smart lamps and age tech solutions? Head over to www.nobi.life. Reach out to Rob Fedrick and discover how Nobi can help your residential care facility improve your employees’ quality of care and job satisfaction as it did for Hartland House. 

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About Hartland House

Hartland House is a 31-bedroom residential care home offering personalised care for up to 32 residents in a homely setting in the beautiful village of Milnthorpe, Cumbria. It is managed by the Abbeyfield Lakeland Extra Care Society, part of the worldwide Abbeyfield group. Offering a home-from-home environment, Hartland House residents benefit from three beautifully furnished lounges where activities occur and are ideal for catching up with friends and family. There is also a lovely conservatory with views over Dallam Park.