WZC Gerstjens: 80% more falls detected

Learn how our Nobi lamps made a difference for residents and caretakers at WZC Gerstjens.

Turning on the first smart Nobi lamps in the residential care facility Gerstjens at the end of 2021 was a significant moment considering a prior development phase of two years. In the pilot project, WZC Gerstjens equipped 20 rooms with smart lamps for fall detection and prevention. The results after six months of usage were astounding. Learn how our Nobi lamps made a difference for residents and caretakers at WZC Gerstjens.

Pioneers in healthcare technology are the first to test Nobi lamps

At the end of 2021, WZC Gerstjens became the first residential care facility to go into business with us. The goal of the collaboration was to better support staff, allowing them to provide residents with even more targeted care. Because of a rapidly aging society and an increasingly smaller group of caretakers, many care professionals suffer from heavy workloads. Technological innovations like Nobi offer relief. By using Nobi to take over administrative, repetitive chores, staff can refocus on the tasks that make a genuine impact when it comes to their residents’ well-being and happiness 

One of the biggest challenges healthcare providers face is fall incidents, with falls being one of the leading causes of fatal injuries among older populations. Those who are not assisted within an hour following a fall have a 50% chance of passing away within six months. Quick assistance after a fall is therefore crucial, and preventing fall incidents is even better. Nobi guarantees immediate help after a fall and helps prevent fall incidents from happening. 

Positive results for the pilot project at WZC Gerstjens

Thanks to our AI technology, 80% more fall incidents were detected in rooms with Nobi installed at WZC Gerstjens. That led to our noticing over 40 fall incidents in 15 of the pilot rooms from the start. On average, residents received help within 90 seconds. For some of them, this meant the difference between life and death. Therefore, the nursing staff at WZC Gerstjens can offer care quicker after a fall and has oversight of 100% of the fall incidents. 

With Nobi, WZC Gerstjens has successfully brought as much relief as possible to busy healthcare staff by taking over repetitive tasks—for example, by integrating devices such as smart scales or blood pressure monitors. Not only does this provide additional insight into residents’ health, but it also ensures automatic processing, eliminating time-consuming manual work. This frees up valuable time for tasks that genuinely impact the life and happiness of the elderly. Healthcare staff no longer have to play catch-up and have access to all critical data. This gives them more control over the safety and well-being of the residents, allowing them to regulate in a timely manner.

Nobi in residential care facilities. Changemakers at a glance:

  • 100% effective
    every fall is detected

  • Quick help
    assistance in a mere 90 seconds after a fall

  • Peace of mind for residents, their families, and healthcare staff
    no more stress regarding undetected falls

  • Prevent falls
    via automatic lighting when coming out of bed at night – thanks to notifications when getting in and out of bed, caretakers can proactively prevent falls

  • Tailored care
    sleep reports give insight into sleeping patterns and contain crucial information for personalized care
  • Better sleep quality
    healthcare staff only enter rooms at night when necessary – after a fall incident, or to prevent a fall from happening, resulting in a quality night’s sleep

  • Time-saving
    connecting with smart devices such as blood pressure monitors and digital patient files help automatically and efficiently administer patient data

  • Job satisfaction
    healthcare staff no longer have to play catch-up and gain extra time, allowing them to make a genuine difference. This results in content employees and lower attrition rate


Mathieu De Wulf, Director of WZC Gerstjens

​“To me, Nobi is an enrichment! It offers crucial knowledge and helps me deploy my employees at the right time for tasks with which they can make a genuine difference. Nobi offers me the ability to support my employees during their daily work. Nobi’s contribution at WZC Gerstjens has been immense.”

Mathieu De Wulf, Director of WZC Gerstjens

View his testimony here.

Daniela, Healthcare Employee at WZC Gerstjens

​“Before Nobi arrived, many people fell. If that happens at night, it is difficult to offer assistance simply because you aren’t aware of it. Nobi gives people security since they now know they’ll quickly receive help if something were to happen. I find this technology promising as it enables me as a caretaker to give residents more of my time.”

Daniela, Healthcare Employee at WZC Gerstjens

View her testimony here. 

International interest in the Nobi lamps

A year after kick-off at WZC Gerstjens, we installed thousands of smart lamps in residential care facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. Today, Nobi has distribution offices in England, Austria, and the US, among others. Nobi owes this rapid expansion in part to its strong distribution partners and resellers.

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