Nobi Debuts Ceiling Mounted Smart Lamp at CES

and Announces Plans to Bring its Full Line of Fall Detection and Prevention Lamps to U.S. Consumers

Today Nobi launched the Nobi Ceiling, a ceiling-mounted version of its award-winning AI-powered Smart Lamps that detects and prevents falls as well as monitors older adults' health and activity patterns. Already a proven care techdevice in the European market and senior living facilities in the U.S., Nobi also announced plans to bring its full line of smart lamps directly to U.S. consumers in 2024. The company will be showcasing Nobi Ceiling at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 9 – 12, 2024 in booth #54633.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older adults, with one out of every three people over age 65 falling at least once a year. When older people fall, quick help is a matter of life and death. One in two older adults who lie on the floor for longer than one hour die within six months of the fall. 

Nobi's Smart Lamps detect 100 percent of falls and are meticulously crafted to anticipate and respond to the needs of older adults, creating an environment where safety and independence thrive.

"We believe that everyone has the right to an independent, dignified, and happy life, and the right technology can make a difference by ensuring the safety of older adults as they age in place. While most technology solutions for older adults lack visual appeal, are not user-friendly, and are merely functional, we set out to create a product that is not only powerful on the inside but also stylish and extremely easy to use. We're looking forward to continued growth in the U.S. as we bring the full line of Nobi Smart Lamps, including Nobi Ceiling, directly to consumers in 2024."

Niels Coch, head of Nobi USA

Immediate Assistance for 100% of Falls

Nobi Ceiling offers the same combination of elegant design and cutting-edge A.I. technology Nobi is known for, ensuring older adults can age independently and with dignity. Offered in two colors, desert and slate, Nobi Ceiling is designed for living rooms and bedrooms. Nobi's full line of smart lamps also included Nobita, which covers smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Both recognize when a fall occurs and ask the person if they are okay. If there is no response, the lamp automatically sends a notification to care staff or family members. With AI built in, Nobi automates the detection and notification of falls, eliminating the need for a person to push a help button after a fall. This provides older adults and their families with peace of mind that every fall will be detected and Nobi will still send an alert for assistance within 30 seconds, even if the fallen senior is unconscious and unable to request help. 

Prevention More Effective than Cure

An essential feature of Nobi is its ability to prevent falls and provide care staff with data to facilitate proactive and preventive care. In senior living facilities, Nobi's AI has proven capable of preventing 4 out of 5 falls, thanks to three concrete features. At night, Nobi’s automated lighting prevents disorientation and ensures people can find their way when waking up and going to the bathroom. Additionally, when older adults get out of bed or leave their room, Nobi notifies caregivers, enabling them to offer proactive assistance and prevent falls. If a fall occurs, Nobi provides caregivers and families with privacy-protected images of a fall, allowing them to identify the cause and gather crucial information to prevent future falls.


Nobi will be available for people at home, in collaboration with select top-tier service in sales, installation, and post-sales support partners, later this year. 

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